Guard vet exhausted by battle with military leadership over misconduct

National Guard veteran Morgan Davis has been struggling against military leadership for years, in a fight over sexual misconduct, retaliation and beyond.



July 2, 2021 - 12:49 PM

Morgan Davis, who left the Kansas National Guard as a chief warrant officer 3 in 2020, says her persistence in reporting alleged misconduct in the Kansas Guard brought her military career to a premature end and contributed to development of her post-traumatic stress disorder. (THAD ALLTON FOR KANSAS REFLECTOR)

TOPEKA — Insomnia compelled Morgan Davis to seek refuge on a small backyard patio offering sanctuary from the downward spiral of her career in the Kansas Army National Guard.

On that November evening, the outdoor cocoon proved insufficient. Davis drove to a convenience store in Topeka where the mission was to slip in and out unrecognized, part of a concerted effort to adopt a lower-profile approach to living. As she exited the business, she bumped into a former Kansas Guard officer. Casual banter took a different tone by shifting to Davis’ military status.

“I just started shaking,” Davis said. “I can’t think. I can’t breathe. My mind just goes blank.”

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