Historic fort gets high tech treatment

A geophysical survey team is exploring historic Fort Scott, to discover archeological sites hidden below ground.



August 13, 2021 - 3:38 PM

Adam Wiewel, Sabin Wright, Jessi Claeys and Chris Allen, from the Midwest Archeology Center in Lincoln, Neb., take a break from surveying historic Fort Scott. Photo by Trevor Hoag

FORT SCOTT — Historic Fort Scott is getting high-tech treatment, thanks to Adam Wiewel and his team from the Midwest Archeology Center in Lincoln, Neb., who’ve been surveying the site for the past two weeks.

Wiewel’s wife, Rebecca (Fritche) Wiewel, originally from Iola, also works for the center in charge of distance learning, outreach and more.

Weiwel said the archeologists’ role is to advise parks across the Midwest, “and when they have questions about cultural resources we provide them with information about the archeology. Sometimes we end up actually visiting the parks to help them out and do projects like this one.”

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