Impressive growth for ACC endowment



November 21, 2014 - 12:00 AM

The spirit of thankfulness and giving was extended to See, Hear Iola on Friday.
Cindy Adams, director of development at Allen Community College, spoke about its endowment association.
The endowment association was created in 1971 to help fund scholarships for Allen students. When Adams began working at Allen in 2000, the endowment had a little over $1 million in invested funds. Two government grants in the last 14 years have helped aid matches for the grants. The last grant in 2004 was a grant for 1-for-1 match.
Adams said there is now $5.1 million in invested funds. The group is in the middle of a third campaign.
“We have a five-year plan to raise $500,000 for the endowment,” Adams said. “So far in one year we’ve raised $267,000.”
This month scholarship recipients and donors met at the endowment luncheon on Allen’s campus. Adams said she likes pairing them up so they can build a relationship. Other fundraisers include a golf tournament and silent auction.
The commercial speaker was Amanda Moyer from the Iola Community Theatre. “It’s a Wonderful Life,” is the theater’s upcoming play. It is based on the film by Frank Capra. Show dates are Dec. 13-14 and Dec. 20-21 at the theatre. Tickets can be purchased at Sophisticated Rose. Adults are $15 and students are $10. The show is a live radio show.

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