Kansas regulators approve natural gas utility’s plan to recoup $366 million from customers

Kansas Gas Service customers will Riley pay an extra $5 to $7 on their bills to recoup costs from a cold snap last February.



February 9, 2022 - 9:39 AM

The Calista Compressor Station serves the Kansas Gas Service’s network in Kansas. The utility received approval from the Kansas Corporation Commission to recoup $366 million from customers. Photo by (Kansas Gas Service)

Customers of Kansas’ largest natural gas utility will see their bills go up in the wake of last winter’s deep freeze — but it’s still unclear by how much and for how long. 

Kansas regulators on Tuesday approved an agreement with the Kansas Gas Service to recoup $366 million in excess natural gas costs, incurred to keep residents’ heat on when temperatures last February plunged below freezing for days on end and natural gas prices rose by 200 times almost overnight.

During the freeze, which resulted in deaths and dayslong outages in Texas, the Kansas Corporation Commission ordered utilities to do everything they could to keep providing gas and electric service and defer the costs.

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