Keeping the Christmas spirit alive



December 12, 2013 - 12:00 AM

Twinkling lights, traditional Christmas tunes and smiling inflatable snowmen bring the Christmas spirit to Jackson Avenue. Terry and Sandy Zornes love to illuminate their home at 409 E. Jackson Ave. with dazzling Christmas decor.
“I’m a kid at heart,” Sandy said. “My husband loves helping me decorate.”
The Zorneses have embellished their home in holiday decor for nearly 23 years. They like to decorate for other holidays like Halloween, but Christmas is when they pull out all the stops.
“Christmas decorations are something I love to go all out for during the season,” she said.
Sandy said she used to run a daycare and enjoyed having the kids see the sparkling lights. She would turn the lights on early in the morning for the kids so they could see them.
Decorating the front yard brings back a lot of memories. Snow reminds her of sugar cookies. As a child she recalls outings with her family to see the Christmas lights at the plaza in Kansas City.
In years past many of the neighbors used to participate by decorating their own homes but some of the extravagance has died down. Sometimes there would be lines of cars driving by to view the lights.
“We try to keep it up at our location and keep the tradition going,” she said.
Sandy recalled years ago seeing bright flashes of light outside her windows and thought it was lightning. When she investigated further, she saw families taking photos in front of their winter wonderland.
“Many people stop by and take photos,” she said. “That makes us happy knowing they are making memories.”
People still let the Zorneses know they enjoy driving by the home and they always receive compliments.
Giving community members a “magical experience” is all Sandy hopes to do.

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