Kincaid Fair — No end in sight



September 22, 2017 - 12:00 AM

KINCAID — As the 1800s gave way to what soon would be the Industrial Revolution of the early 20th Century, land in these parts was a patchwork of small farms.

Farmers rose early each morning, pulled on a long-sleeved cotton shirt and a pair of Key overalls, made in the company’s new Fort Scott plant. They headed for the field, with expectation of a long, labor-intensive day. Their conversations throughout the day were mostly limited to a team of horses with an occasional “haw” and “gee.” Steel-wheeled tractors were on some farms, and those with rubber tires weren’t far off, but anything other than horsepower was rare. Farm wives also were up before the sun faced with a multitude of chores: Prepare three hearty meals, clean house, milk cows, plant and tend a garden, mend clothing. The list goes on ad infinitum.

In 1909 the community of Kincaid planned a celebration to bring all those farm folks to town for a good time. They showed up in their Sunday-go-to-meeting clothes. The Kincaid Farmers Free Fair was born and will unfold for the 107th time Thursday through Saturday. (Two fairs were canceled during World War II.)

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