Kincaid school to go back to city


March 15, 2010 - 12:00 AM

KINCAID — The old Kincaid High School may be local property again before the week’s out.
Kincaid councilmen will meet with alumni Wednesday evening to hash out the city taking possession, Mayor Tammy Neudeck told the Register Sunday afternoon.
She said the proposal is for Kincaid to pay property taxes of $6,464 and then turn over operation to a citizens group, whose members think they can maintain a stream of donations to pay for maintenance and utilities. City Hall may be moved to the school, she said.
“It has a new roof, put on a couple of years before it was closed five years ago,” when Crest district middle school classes were moved to Colony, she said. “The brick work was tuck-pointed the year it was closed — the district thought having it in good shape would make it more salable — and overall it is in good condition.”
In addition to having City Hall in the building, other thoughts are using it as a community and nutrition center and library.
Wednesday evening’s meeting involving councilmen and citizens coalition members will start at 7 o’clock at the community center and will be open to the public.

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