Lack of funds will force ACARF to close



October 25, 2014 - 12:00 AM

Photo after photo of abandoned animals appear on a computer screen in the front office of the Allen County Animal Rescue Facility. Robyn Porter, vice president of the shelter’s board of directors, wipes away tears as she clicks on each photo and explains an animal’s circumstances. One dog’s story is especially close to her heart.

“When Chance came to us he was everything but dead,” Robyn said. “I fostered him before he was adopted and I didn’t think he would make it the first few nights.”

He was scraped up, starved, and all his ribs were very visible. By the time he was adopted he was healed, plump and healthy. Chance is just one of the 1,290 lives saved since ACARF opened its doors in July of 2010.

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