LaHarpe postpones decision about police dog


February 23, 2018 - 12:00 AM

LAHARPE — LaHarpe City Council members tabled a decision on acquiring a dog capable of detecting illegal drugs.
Council members gathered for a special meeting Wednesday to discuss the matter.
They encouraged Ashley Wright, the city’s new police chief, to complete her law enforcement training first, and to reach out to nearby communities to see if they’d be interested in sharing the costs to acquire such a dog.
K9 units typically cost in excess of $25,000 to properly train the dog and its handler.
Wright approached the Council earlier this month, noting grant opportunities would pare the city’s cost to about $12,000, if the city agreed to acquire the dog by the March 14 grant deadline.
She also said she would forego any salary increase if she were obtain the dog — a common incentive for officers trained to handle K9 units — and would pay for the animal’s food and shelter.
Council members agreed to postpone a decision after learning of other grant opportunities available later this year.

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