Laying the ground for a land bank

Allen County officials have talked about wanting to start a land bank. Thrive's Jonathon Goering plans to develop a framework to present to county commissioners in early 2022. So what, exactly, is a land bank and how does it work?



November 18, 2021 - 10:01 AM

Jonathon Goering is laying the ground to bring a land bank to Allen County.

To get started, county commissioners gave Goering, economic development director for Thrive Allen County, permission to explore a framework for a land bank. 

By the first few months of 2022, he wants to have a basic structure in place.

A land bank is a program that allows cities and counties to manage and repurpose abandoned or delinquent properties.

Allen County officials have expressed a desire for a land bank to help them entice housing developers, particularly for vacant lots within neighborhoods. Goering calls those lots “infill properties,” meaning they are empty spaces located here and there in a city, and which could benefit from a house being built.