A century in the making

100 years after opening its doors, Allen Community College prepares to celebrate its centennial on Tuesday, Sept. 12, in the ACC Student Center.


Local News

September 6, 2023 - 3:54 PM

The Allen County Community Junior College Board of Trustees in 1967, when plans were accepted to construct a new campus in north Iola, consisted of, seated from left, Don Nelson, Alden Ensminger, Wendell Weatherbie, Lyndell Mosely, Ben Barfoot and Charles Brown; standing were T.C. Brown, ACCJC dean, Robert Eflin, architect, Dr. Paul Parker, ACCJC president, and Monty Robson, architect. The campus, with its track and baseball field, residence hall, academic building and unique parking lot design, was completed in 1969 with classes beginning January 1970. PHOTO COURTESY OF ALLEN COUNTY HISTORICAL SOCIETY

Life a century ago was changing by the day.

The Industrial Revolution was in full swing.

Telephones and cars, once considered luxuries for the very rich, were increasingly available for the common man.

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