Connecting with kids rewarded

Humboldt Elementary School teacher Kristen Cook earned a Sanford Teacher Award, and $10,000. She almost missed out on the chance, however, mistaking notifications about the award as email spam.


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June 30, 2020 - 10:03 AM

Humboldt Elementary School second grade teacher Kristen Cook with her son, Collin and daughter Karis. Courtesy photo
Kristen Cook

HUMBOLDT — Kristen Cook, a second grade teacher at Humboldt Elementary School, ignored the numerous emails last fall about a certain teachers award, assuming they were spam. 

Then one day she opened one of the messages only to see that Wendy Froggate, district nurse, had nominated her for a Sanford Teacher Award, including an essay.

Cook recently learned she had won the $10,000 Sanford Teacher Award, representing Kansas.

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