Creativity and choice inspire teens to read

Getting teenagers engaged is a key to enticing them to read more, Iola educators said. Two USD 257 instructors attended a "Write to Learn" conference in Missouri in February.


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April 30, 2020 - 10:16 AM

At a “Write to Learn” workshop, Iola English teachers Laura Schinstock and Catherine Dean learned about a project that asks students to create a one-page illustration about a book. These are some examples provided at the workshop. Photo by Zoom screenshot

Don’t ask high school students to read books written by long-dead white men.

That was just one of the takeaways Iola High School English teachers learned at a recent education conference.

Students must feel engaged in order to read a novel. And they’ll feel more engaged if they get to read books they enjoy, especially if those books allow them to explore various types of diversity.

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