District reduces time spent in face masks

Students in Iola's schools won't have to wear face masks as long as previously set if COVID cases continue dropping. The past standard of wearing masks for two weeks if cases reach certain thresholds has been dropped to five days.


Local News

February 15, 2022 - 10:22 AM

Iola High School Principal Scott Carson asks school board members to reduce the time needed for a mask mandate, as cases drop across the district and region. Photo by Vickie Moss

COVID-19 protocols at Iola schools will change slightly, reducing the time students are required to wear face masks during an outbreak.

The district will keep its current policy, which calls for all students and staff in a building to wear face masks when the infection rate reaches 4% or more.

Previously, the mask mandate would remain in effect for 14 days or longer if infection rates remained high. That was changed to seven days, including weekends, after school principals asked for the change.

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