HHS grads reflect on memories cut short

Humboldt High School's graduation ceremony, pushed back two months because of the COVID-19 pandemic, was held under the warm summer sun Sunday. Students reflected on the truncated school year and other memories.


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July 13, 2020 - 9:32 AM

Humboldt High's class of 2020 celebrates with a cap toss at the end of commencement ceremonies Sunday. Photo by Richard Luken / Iola Register

Yeah sometimes this old life will leave you wishing

That you had five more minutes.

— Scotty McCreery

Congratulations to the HHS Class of 2020! You can view or order additional photos from Sunday’s commencement here.

HUMBOLDT — Taylor Beeman vowed to make her commencement speech short and sweet Sunday. “Kind of like our senior year.”

Beeman and fellow classmate Cooper Jaro were voted as class speakers for Humboldt HIgh School’s graduating senior class Sunday.

The ceremony came two months later than usual, due to the coronavirus pandemic, but still drew a large crowd to the outdoor ceremony that nearly filled the HHS football stadium with spectators.

Beeman noted how the Class of 2020’s official song — “Five More Minutes,” by Scotty McCreery — became all too profound because of the COVID-19 shutdown.

“All we needed was five more minutes of spring sports. Five more minutes of our last days. Five more minutes of senior trips. Five more minutes of saying goodbye to people we’ve gone to school with all our lives.”

Jaro, meanwhile, offered thanks to everyone from teachers, parents and coaches to the food service staff and school board members in his comments.

He praised his classmates for their accomplishments in the classroom, on the athletic field and through other activities.

“Keep striving for greatness, taking on new responsibilities, saying yes and never settle for ‘it’s fine’ or ‘good enough,” Jaro said. “It’s relationships that make us better.”

Humboldt HIgh seniors Winter Snyder, left, and Reid Smith receive their high school diplomas Sunday. Photo by Richard Luken / Iola Register
Humboldt High School graduates await their turn across the stage at the HHS football stadium. Photo by Richard Luken
Cooper Jaro addresses hs fellow Humboldt High School graduates Sunday. Photo by Richard Luken / Iola Register
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SEVERAL students were noted for their academic accomplishments. Drake Hottenstein was named the recipient of the Humboldt Lions Club Watch, while Alayna Johnson received the Lions Club scholarship. Emma Johnson was awarded the G.A.L.S. FCE award during the 25-minute ceremony.

OTHER scholarship recipients:

Ashley Clinic Life Sciences Scholarship — Emma Johnson

Ashley Clinic Legacy Scholarship — Luke Yokum

B&W Scholarship — Conor Eitel

Roy and Charles Barnett Scholarship (community college or trade school) — Logan Dillow and Kaylie Hole.

Roy and Charles Barnett Scholarship (for Pittsburg State or Emporia State University) — Josh Hull

Warren and Shirley Breiner Scholarship — Drake Hottenstein

Lance Eric Carlson Scholarship — Tymber Kaufman

Bryan Dunn Memorial Scholarship — Cooper Jaro

Community National Bank “CUB” Scholarship — Taylor Beeman and Cooper Jaro

Kevin Ewing Memorial Scholarship — Taylor Beeman

Lindsey Friederich Memorial Scholarship — Emma Johnson

Lee and Leah Grennell Memorial Scholarship — Cooper Jaro

Humboldt Fire Department Scholarship — Kaylie Hole and Michael Young

Humboldt High School Alumni Scholarship — Kaylie Hole and Emma Johnson

Humboldt Educational Foundation Scholarship — Taylor Beeman, Logan Dillow, Drake Hottenstein, Cooper Jaro, Alayna Johnson and Emma Johnson

Ronald L. Jay Memorial Scholarship — Joshua Hull, Cooper Jaro and Reid Smith

Johnson/Wilhite Journalism Scholarship — Taylor Beeman, Alayna Johnson and Emma Johnson

Korte Family Scholarship — Joseph Froggatte and Alayna Johnson

LaHarpe Alumni Scholarship — Cooper Jaro

McFadden Scholarship — Drake Hottenstein, Alayna Johnson and Emma Johnson

Monarch Cement Company Scholarship — Emma Johnson

Dean A. McGee Scholarship — Logan Dillow

Ronald Moore Memorial Scholarship — Jackson Aikins

Max K. Rickerson Scholarship — Cooper Jaro

Michelle Setter Memorial Scholarship — Joshua Hull

Margaret L. Sharp Memorial Scholarship — Alayna Johnson

Kyle Swope Memorial Scholarship — Cooper Jaro

Kathleen Young Memorial Scholarship — Drake Hottenstein, Alayna Johnson and Emma Johnson

National Honor Society — Taylor Beeman, Logan Dillow, Kilea Heslop, Kaylie Hole, Drake Hottenstein, Cooper Jaro, Alayna Johnson, Emma Johnson, Winter Snyder and Nichole Turner.

You can order view or order additional photos from Sunday’s commencement here.


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