Home-grown doc gets cracking

Chiropractor returns to practice in Iola after rigorous schooling. Kendra Taiclet has taken up an office at Allen County Chiropractic.


Local News

May 5, 2020 - 10:44 AM

Dr. Kendra Taiclet leans against the wall at Allen County Chiropractic. Courtesy photo

Hometown girl Kendra Taiclet was excited to chase her dream of becoming a chiropractor, but now that she’s finished her doctorate, she’s eagerly come home to Iola.

Taiclet earned her degree at Cleveland University in Overland Park. The accomplishment is a “huge relief.”

It’s little wonder, as Taiclet said the worst part of chiropractic school was “spending millions of hours studying” over the course of almost four years, including taking around 250 exams.

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