Hospital goes under St. Luke’s umbrella

After two years of planning, Allen County Regional Hospital is now under Saint Luke's Health System management. The changeover took place this morning at midnight.


Local News

July 1, 2020 - 10:04 AM

The Saint Luke’s Health System is now in control of operations at Allen County Regional Hospital, capping two years of efforts by hospital trustees to find the best management model in the ever-challenging healthcare industry.

Saint Luke’s took over at midnight, under a minimum 10-year lease agreement in which the Kansas City-based system will oversee all medical and other operations, including staff. The county continues to own the hospital building and other facilities. A lease payment from Saint Luke’s will cover the remaining costs of what was initially a cost of $30 million in bonds and loans to build the hospital in 2013, relieving local taxpayers of much of the burden.

Voters, though, will be asked in October to continue a quarter-cent sales tax to support the continued maintenance of the hospital building and other facilities. If the question fails, property taxes will be used to meet any financial obligation needed to maintain the facilities.

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