Iola asked to roll out welcome mats for college students

With 170 international college students in town — a wide number uncomfortable in their new surroundings — Allen Community College is encouraging Iolans to make the students feel more at home. A number of public events are planned to do just that.


Local News

August 10, 2021 - 10:20 AM

Allen Community College
Josiah D’Albini

The fall semester doesn’t begin for another couple of weeks, but more than 170 international students have arrived on the Allen Community College campus already.

Josiah D’Albini, director of student life at ACC, spoke at Monday’s Iola City Council meeting about the influx of students 

D’Albini, who is a candidate for the Council, invited those at the meeting to help welcome the newcomers, representing 25 countries from around the globe, to the Iola community.

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