Landfill project nears end

A new 10-acre cell at the Allen County Landfill is nearly complete. Construction began in March 2023 and was expected to take a year but faced delays that extended the timeline.


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July 1, 2024 - 2:50 PM

Crews lay bentonite Monday morning at the new cell in the Allen County landfill. The original completion day was set for March 2024, but inclement weather and other challenges have delayed the project. Photo by Sarah Haney / Iola Register

Work continued Monday morning on the construction of a new 10-acre cell at the Allen County Landfill. After many delays, county officials are hopeful that completion of the project is right around the corner.

In 2012, county commissioners approved construction of two additional 10-acre cells in the landfill within the next 15 to 20 years. One was constructed in 2014 at a cost of roughly $1.5 million. It is expected to be filled in less than a year.

The second cell’s construction began in March 2023 and was initially expected to be completed by March 2024. To date, there have been two change orders regarding the project. 

It was discovered the site did not provide the same abundance of fatty red clay the previous cell’s site boasted and there was not enough to build a 10-acre cell.

The first change order included a test pad exercise to determine the feasibility of adding bentonite to the site’s existing mix of sand and shale, lean clays. The change order also allowed for an additional 45 calendar days for the project, moving the completion date to May 3.

In December 2023, another change order required a different liner at an additional cost of $437,399 and another 45 additional days.

Due to poor weather, the project had a 15-day shutdown in January. This resulted in a delay getting bentonite on site. 

According to Public Works Director Mitch Garner, the project is nearing completion. “Right now, they’re finishing laying the bentonite,” he said. “I imagine they’ll be done with that by the middle of the month.” Next, the crews will install a liner and drainage pipes. 

This final step is crucial to the project. “The liner catches contaminated water from the landfill to prevent it from getting into the ground,” Garner explained. “That water goes through drainage pipes to a holding pump before it is pumped into the pond on site.”

In late-May, it was anticipated that the project would be completed by mid-July. However, with inclement weather, this may be delayed to the end of the month.

Garner anticipates the landfill’s completion by summer’s end. “Hopefully by August,” he said.

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