Mapping effort may include student helpers

Better school maps, essential for safety, may include using student helpers, officials said. The program is being developed by the SAFE Schools committee.


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February 18, 2020 - 11:09 AM

Allen County Sheriff Bryan Murphy, left, familiarizes himself with a cell phone app that notifies schools and law enforcement of an emergency event. Chi Wiggins with Iola schools, center, and Kay Lewis with Humboldt schools also practice using the app. Photo by Vickie Moss / Iola Register
Angie Murphy

A plan to develop more detailed maps of school buildings in Allen County could utilize student volunteers, giving them an opportunity to practice map skills and establish better relationships with law enforcement and other emergency responders.

The SAFE Schools committee, with representatives of area schools and emergency responders, could ask students to help with a mapping project. The plan would use students to measure rooms and areas of school buildings throughout Allen County. They would input those measurements into a computer software program that would create maps, and those maps could be used both for school administrators and for emergency responders. 

If an incident occurs at a school, like an active shooter or a tornado, emergency responders and school officials can use the maps to quickly assess areas of threats. The maps could include things like locations of doors and windows, with options to include other pertinent details like location of fire extinguishers.

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