Trustees discuss scope of activity center

Community action group will look at possibility of a pool, but that's considered more of a 'wish list' item and could be very costly.


Local News

March 12, 2020 - 10:04 AM

President John Masterson discusses ACC’s proposed new activities center with Board of Trustees Chair Neal Barclay and Vice President Brian Counsil. Photo by Trevor Hoag

“I feel we at least need to get started. … I would like us to proceed with what our administration and coaches desire,” said ACC Trustees Board Chair Neal Barclay in reference to the college’s proposed new activities center.

Barclay expressed concern that the cost of the project to construct a new facility featuring an indoor track and field was still uncertain and needed clarifying.

“Some of [our] wants may have to disappear due to financial consideration,” Barclay added, and said that this was the case even without a pool entering into the equation, an item not included in ACC’s original building plan.

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