Missing Iola teenager returns home


August 29, 2017 - 12:00 AM

A missing Iola teenager has returned home after being gone for about a week.
The Iola Police Department reported Monday Teryn William Scott, 14, who had last been seen the afternoon of Aug. 21, returned home safe and sound.
Scott declined to share information regarding his whereabouts, Lt. Steve Womack said.
Officers said Scott was considered a runaway.
Meanwhile, law enforcement personnel continue to search for Iolan Dennis Lushbough, who was last seen driving his van near the Allen-Neosho county line along 1700 Street Aug. 13.
His vehicle, with a flattened tire, was spotted near the intersection of 1700 Street and Arizona Road Friday.
Aside from drugs in the vehicle, there was no sign of a struggle, Sheriff Bryan Murphy said.
Those with information regarding Lushbough’s whereabouts are asked to call the Sheriff’s Department at 365-1400.

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