‘An Unexpected Quest’

Jim Ford's job as a movie stuntman inspired him to travel to all 50 states


National News

December 10, 2020 - 9:31 AM

Jim Ford surfing at Waikiki beach. Photo by Submitted Photo

In Jim Ford’s amusing new short film “Small World,” two American tourists (played by Ford and Hannah Sloat) in a far away foreign land realize they are not just both from New England, but, as the conversation in a bar intensifies, Central Massachusetts, near Worcester. Shrewsbury, to be precise, and even from the same street in Shrewsbury.

Alas, the conversation doesn’t end well.

But Ford, who grew up in West Boylston and has had a successful career as an actor and a stuntman, evidently fared better in his travels in the United States. He has visited every state, as he relates in his book “My Take On All Fifty States: An Unexpected Quest to See ‘Em All,” published earlier this month.

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