‘Beaver’ star, Ken Osmond, dies at 76

Ken Osmond, known best for his portrayal of Eddie Haskel on TV's "Leave It To Beaver," has died at 76. Osmond largely gave up acting to become a police officer as an adult.


National News

May 19, 2020 - 10:23 AM

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Ken Osmond, who on TV’s “Leave It to Beaver,” played two-faced teenage scoundrel Eddie Haskell, a role so memorable it left him typecast and led to a second career as a police officer, died Monday.

Osmond died in Los Angeles at age 76, his family said. No cause was given.

“He was an incredibly kind and wonderful father,” son Eric Osmond said in a statement. “He had his family gathered around him when he passed. He was loved and will be very missed.”

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