Buttigieg keeps rising, Warren gets an easier ride


National News

November 21, 2019 - 5:07 PM

With the first presidential primary contests less than three months away but impeachment dominating the news, 10 Democratic candidates produced a subdued debate Wednesday night that featured few direct contrasts or new information, and little that seemed likely to change the shape of the race.

Standing on stage in Atlanta, the top four candidates largely avoided clashes, opting to stick to the themes and plans that have put each of them in their current positions.

The relatively mild contest was in keeping with a period when the presidential campaign has been pushed to the background by the explosive developments in the impeachment inquiry, which consumed the political world with new testimony from European Union Ambassador Gordon Sondland in the hours before the event. It perhaps foreshadowed the weeks to come, when the impeachment fight is likely to get even more contentious.

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