Hurricane Laura slams Gulf Coast

Hurricane Laura, one of the strongest storms on record to hit the United States, slammed into the Gulf Coast. Emergency crews were still unable to check for survivors for hours after landfall.


National News

August 27, 2020 - 10:04 AM

David Rosenbaum Jr., left, and Devlin Cudd load plywood into vehicles as people purchase supplies at the Stine hardware store before the possible arrival of Hurricane Laura Wednesday in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Photo by Joe Raedle / Getty Images / TNS

LAKE ARTHUR, La. (AP) — Hurricane Laura pounded the Gulf Coast for hours with ferocious wind, torrential rains and rising seawater as it roared ashore over southwestern Louisiana near the Texas border early today, threatening the lives of people who didn’t evacuate. 

Authorities had ordered coastal residents to get out, but not everyone did in an area devastated by Rita in 2005.

Laura’s howling winds battered a tall building in Lake Charles, blowing out windows as glass and debris flew to the ground. Hours after landfall, the wind and rain were still blowing too hard to check for survivors. 

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