‘It’s the reflex’: Veteran recounts helping disarm gunman

Fierro is one of two people police are crediting with saving lives by subduing a 22-year-old man armed with multiple firearms who went on a shooting rampage Saturday night at Club Q.


National News

November 22, 2022 - 4:49 PM

Richard Fierro, with his brother Ed, left, by his side, describes how he took the shooter down the night of the shooting at Club Q while outside his home on Nov. 21, 2022, in Colorado Springs, Colorado. (Helen H. Richardson/The Denver Post/TNS)

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (AP) — When army veteran Rich Fierro realized a gunman was spraying bullets inside the club where he had gathered with friends and family, instincts from his military training immediately kicked in.

First he ducked to avoid any potential incoming fire, then he moved to try to disarm the shooter.

“It’s the reflex. Go! Go to the fire. Stop the action. Stop the activity. Don’t let no one get hurt. I tried to bring everybody back,” he said Monday outside his home in Colorado Springs, where an American flag hung from the porch.

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