No, the election results are not in doubt — Biden is (once again) the winner

A number of challenges and recounts regarding the 2020 presidential election have been completed across the country. All continue to lead to the same conclusion. Joe Biden is the winner, regardless of the theatrics his opponents have deployed.


National News

December 10, 2020 - 9:20 AM

WASHINGTON (AP) — There’s plenty of noise but no cause for confusion as President Donald Trump vents about how the election turned out and vows to subvert it even still.

This truth is self-evident: Joe Biden is on track to become president Jan. 20. The machinery of government and democracy is moving inexorably toward that end despite Trump’s attempts to undermine the voters’ will.

Trump on Wednesday demanded an “OVERTURN” of the outcome in a collection of tweets arguing he could only have lost the election if it were “FIXED.” He attempted to support his case by saying odds-makers on election night heavily favored his reelection, “the so-called ‘bookies,’” as if a gambler’s bet mattered. It doesn’t.

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