Power outages drop; icy weather goes east

Texas residents are getting power restored, but thousands remain without electricity, heat or water in the wake of the wintry blast that has blanketed much of the country with snow, ice and bitterly cold temperatures.


National News

February 18, 2021 - 10:32 AM

The Texas Capitol grounds are covered in snow on Monday in Austin, Texas. Photo by Jay Janner / Austin American-Statesman / TNS

 AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Power outages in Texas dropped below 1 million this morning for the first time in four days, but many people remained without electricity or safe drinking water after winter storms wreaked havoc on the state’s power grid and utilities. 

Meanwhile, heavy snow and ice were expected today in the Appalachians, northern Maryland and southern Pennsylvania, with the wintry weather moving into the Northeast by nightfall. 

This week’s extreme weather has been blamed for the deaths of more than 30 people, some of whom perished while struggling to keep warm inside their homes. In the Houston area, one family succumbed to carbon monoxide from car exhaust in their garage. A grandmother and three children died when flames escaped the fireplace they were using to keep warm.

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