Sanders drops presidential bid

Sen. Bernie Sanders dropped his bid to become president, clearing the way for Joe Biden to earn the Democratic nomination for president. Sanders has yet to endorse Biden, however.


National News

April 9, 2020 - 10:03 AM

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders addresses a crowd at the Avalon in Los Angeles for a fundraiser following the campaign's first debate the prior night in Las Vegas. (Rick Loomis/Los Angeles Times/TNS) Photo by Rick Loomis / Los Angeles Times / TNS

WASHINGTON (AP) — Sen. Bernie Sanders ended his presidential bid on Wednesday, making Joe Biden the presumptive Democratic nominee to challenge President Donald Trump in a general election campaign that will be waged against the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic.

Sanders initially exceeded sky-high expectations about his ability to recreate the magic of his 2016 presidential bid, and even overcame a heart attack last October. But he couldn’t convert unwavering support from progressives into a viable path to the nomination, with “electability” fears fueled by questions about whether his democratic socialist ideology would be palatable to general election voters.

“The path toward victory is virtually impossible,” Sanders told supporters Wednesday. “If I believed we had a feasible path to the nomination I would certainly continue the campaign, but it’s just not there.”

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