Schools mull outdoor classes amid virus

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos advocates teaching classes outdoors — no matter the season. In Vermont, schools are purchasing big tents and propane heaters to adapt.


National News

August 10, 2020 - 9:56 AM

It has been seven years since the central air conditioning system worked at the New York City middle school where Lisa Fitzgerald O’Connor teaches. As a new school year approaches amid the coronavirus pandemic, she and her colleagues are threatening not to return unless it’s repaired. 

Her classroom has a window air conditioning unit, but she fears the stagnant air will increase the chances that an infected student could spread the virus.

“Window units just aren’t going to cut it. We don’t want to stay cool, we just want the air to flow properly,” said O’Connor, a science teacher who has worked at the Patria Mirabal School in Manhattan since 2009. “We are really super stressed out about it.”

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