Walmart introduces gun restrictions in stores

National News

September 4, 2019 - 9:45 AM

Midland, Texas, Mayor Jerry Morales, left, embraces Odessa, Texas, Mayor David Turner following an emotional press conference on Sunday in Odessa. Seven victims died and more than 25 were wounded in a mass shooting by a lone gunman in in the neighboring communities of Midland and Odessa. Ryan Michalesko/The Dallas Morning News/TNS

NEW YORK (AP) — Walmart has won praise from gun control advocates for its decision to discontinue sales of certain gun ammunition and request that customers no longer openly carry firearms in its stores. But whether the moves will translate into fewer guns on the street remains an open question.

The announcement Tuesday follows similar steps by other retailers responding to public pressure to restrict gun and ammunition sales. In March, Dick’s Sporting Goods said it would stop selling firearms and ammunition at 125 of its 700-plus locations. Meanwhile, Starbucks, Target, Wendy’s and most recently Kroger have also asked customers not to openly carry guns when visiting their stores.

Supporters of stricter gun laws say that as the nation’s largest retailer, Walmart will have outsized influence on the gun debate, sending a strong message to Congress as well as other corporations to also take action.

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