Norsery school: Homemade ship enthralls class

Third-graders at Iola Elementary School are traveling the high seas this week as part of a lesson on Norse Vikings. Teacher Terri Carlin's husband built a life-sized viking ship to help the class imagine Nordic life.



May 4, 2023 - 2:24 PM

Iola Elementary School third-grade instructor Terri Carlin commands her crew of students as they row a viking ship towards Iceland as part of a language arts lesson Wednesday morning.

“Everyone get in the boat. Row, Norsemen, row!”

With teacher Terri Carlin standing at the helm of a life-sized viking ship, Iola Elementary School third-graders grabbed their oars to guide the ship through choppy seas toward Iceland on Wednesday morning. 

A video played on screen at the front of the room, showing the harsh conditions they faced. They could see the front of a ship bobbing through icy, rolling waves.

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