Post 15 Indians bury Garnett on their home field



June 23, 2018 - 12:10 AM

It’s hard to say what brought the Post 15 Indians to dropping nearly 40 runs in two games on Garnett Thursday night.

It could’ve been the Muddogs’ pitching but the two teams had played two weeks prior and Iola won by only 5-0 and 4-2. Maybe it was errors. Teams that can’t field often run into 15- and 20-point quagmires but Garnett played pretty cleanly. Maybe it was Iola’s focus that night or, as head coach Levi Ashmore joked, maybe it was the unseasonably cool and rainy weather last night that caused the Indians 21-2 and 18-0 outbursts.

“For the first day of summer it kind of had me fooled,” Ashmore said. “You would’ve guessed it was a late September night. It’s kind of weird but the kids came out to play and it was almost like the weather did something to us, too, maybe that’s why we played so good.”

Reasoning aside, the Indians, 12-2 and winners of 10 straight, walked off the field knowing they played their best baseball of the season.

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