Senators vote on bag ban

Kansas senators vote on police dog bill and pass plastic bag ban that would nullify Lawrence order.



March 28, 2024 - 2:09 PM

Senate lawmakers on Wednesday approved a ban that would stop local governments from regulating plastic use. Photo by Clay Wirestone/Kansas Reflector

TOPEKA — Republican lawmakers in Topeka are trying to snuff out liberal Lawrence’s reign as a plastic bag-free city. If history is a guide, the GOP likely won’t have enough votes to overturn a veto from the governor.

For the fourth year in a row, lawmakers worked to prohibit municipalities from regulating the bags, straws, cups, bottles and other single-use containers through House Bill 2446. The bill passed the House 72-51 last year, and Senate lawmakers on Wednesday voted 24-16 to send the legislation to the governor’s desk.

Lawrence implemented a plastic bag ban March 1 due to environmental concerns over the state’s plastic pollution, potential microplastic contamination from bags degrading and animal deaths from eating the bags, among other concerns. The city allows exemptions for other plastic products, such as produce bags and garment bags.

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