Shopping for a cause


Local News

June 21, 2019 - 4:37 PM

Kelly Sigg of Audacious Boutique, right, explains the concept of 620 to Janette and Terry Stoll of Chanute.

Three local businesses teamed up on Thursday evening for an inaugural ?620? event. The name references the date of the sale, June 20, and our area code and featured the three stores offering sales for shoppers and a giveaway basket. 

But the purpose of uniting Faith and Farm, Audacious Boutique and Sophisticated Rose extended beyond a chance to get customers in the door with deals and a bit of wine, cookies and cheese. Instead, their goal was to use the event to raise awareness about domestic violence, create safe spaces and support Hope Unlimited, a local non-profit organization that advocates for survivors of family violence and sexual assault.

If one is not caught up in its cyclone of fear and intimidation, domestic violence can be easy to overlook. With the damage often carefully concealed, many have no idea what private wars their neighbors wage. Shana Forsyth, who operates Faith and Farm Designs with her husband Trent, knows this well.

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