Special needs for special ed classes


Local News

March 15, 2019 - 4:26 PM

Kellie King-DeNoon is a special education resource room teacher at Jefferson Elementary School, in a classroom that at one time was a locker room.

The staff at Jefferson Elementary School does what they can to disguise the fact that their special education classroom was once a locker room. 

To help camouflage the room, it?s decorated as an aquarium. Colorful paper fish swim are pasted across blue walls. Blue streamers hang from the ceiling; when the heater kicks on they shimmer and shake. A good imagination could give the ocean the credit. Brown and green construction paper wrap around plumbing pipes to mimic trees.

Even so, space it tight. Kellie King-DeNoon, a special education resource room teacher, said her job would be easier if there were more space. Sometimes, staff must move furniture to accommodate activities. 

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