All bets are off in Kansas (for now)

Kansans will have to travel to another state to place bets on the Super Bowl — or do so illegally. State lawmakers expect that to change later this year.


State News

January 31, 2020 - 6:03 PM

Kansas City Chiefs Offensive Lineman Eric Fisher (72) during the AFC Championship football game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Tennessee Titans at Arrowhead Stadium on January 19, 2020. Courtesy photo

TOPEKA — Kansans thinking about wagering a few bucks on the Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl appearance this weekend would have to go to one of 14 states to do it legally.

But by later this year, sports betting could be legal in Kansas. This year’s bill is a compromise — allowing people over 21 to gamble on sports through the companies that run the state-owned casinos and via online apps. And it has some critical support.

“I feel confident that this year there will be a bill done, a solution passed,” said Republican Sen. Bud Estes, chairman of the Senate Federal and State Affairs Committee.

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