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January 17, 2019 - 9:49 AM

returns for wind farm debate
ERIE — A Neosho County commissioner decided not to resign as the county continues to debate a contentious wind farm project, The Chanute Tribune reported. With the full three-member commission present, a six-month moratorium, or temporary ban, on the wind farm failed after no one seconded the motion. Commissioners heard presentations for and against the project. Issues included how far the wind farms would be set back from participating and non-participating homes, and whether property values might decrease if a wind farm was developed.

Wind farm could
affect Parsons
PARSONS — City officials in Parsons are keeping an eye on a planned wind farm in Neosho County, with concerns it could have a negative effect on Lake Parsons, Labette County roads and property values in the area, The Parsons Sun reported. A city commissioner pointed to a map that shows locations of possible turbines as close as 4 to 5 miles from Parsons and 607 feet tall, with some turbines within a half-mile to a quarter-mile from Lake Parsons, which is in Neosho County but owned and maintained by the city as its water source.

Judge Wine briefs
students on courts
BURLINGTON — Coffey County District Judge Taylor Wine gave Burlington High School students a crash course on the court system recently, The Coffey County Republican reported. Wine talked about the structure of the federal and state court systems, described his typical day and gave students an opportunity to serve as a judge in hypothetical civil and criminal cases. Wine is the chief judge in the Fourth Judicial District, which includes Coffey, Anderson, Franklin and Osage counties.