Bill would make domestic violence felons give up guns

A Kansas lawmaker wants to make sure a felon busted for domestic violence or a protection from abuse order isn't living in a home stocked with guns. Right now, the law doesn't allow those felons to purchase new guns but doesn't address those they already own.


State News

March 7, 2022 - 3:24 PM

Rep. Jo Ella Hoye, D-Lenexa, spoke about pending Senate legislation compelling domestic abusers to temporarily relinquish firearms. Photo by (Sherman Smith/Kansas Reflector)

TOPEKA — Rep. Jo Ella Hoye is convinced someone convicted of domestic violence or subjected to protection from abuse order and prohibited from carrying a firearm shouldn’t be allowed to live in a residence stocked with guns and rifles.

Right now that felon busted for abuse or viewed by the court as a potential threat to others doesn’t have to temporarily surrender the guns stored in the home to law enforcement or a federally licensed gun dealer.

“Domestic violence continues to be a problem for Kansas families, especially women in Kansas and as well as children, and we know that the presence of a gun makes domestic violence situations become deadly,” Hoye said on the Kansas Reflector podcast. “Once these individuals have been convicted, they should have to relinquish the firearms that they may already have for the time period that they are prohibited from having them.”

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