Governor condemns flat tax proposal

Gov. Laura Kelly rallied Kansans to her tax cut plan during a Zoom meeting hosted by Kansas Appleseed's Hunger Action Team to promote her "Axing Your Taxes" plan.


State News

February 1, 2023 - 2:03 PM

Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly asked Kansans to rally around her tax cut plan, saying lawmakers needed to be aware of public support for the initiatives. Photo by KANSAS REFLECTOR/SHERMAN SMITH

TOPEKA — Following the unveiling of a flat tax proposal that would cost the state $1.5 billion, Gov. Laura Kelly once again rallied Kansans to her tax cut plan, saying any bill passed this legislative session needs to be fiscally responsible. 

Kelly joined a Tuesday Zoom meeting hosted by the Kansas Appleseed’s Hunger Action Team to promote her “Axing Your Taxes” plan, telling state residents on the call to talk to their legislators, hold town meetings and approach lawmakers without a political angle when discussing tax cuts. 

“I think one thing I would do, would not be to approach your legislator as the enemy and somebody on the other side,” Kelly said. “Rather, approach them as a constituent with a concern and issue and leave the politics out of it. Because this just shouldn’t be political. This really is just something for the people.”

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