Governor urges civility for Kansans

Gov. Laura Kelly pushes for vigilance in the fight against COVID-19. She also wants Medicaid expansion and cooperation between opposing legislative leaders.


State News

January 13, 2021 - 9:25 AM

TOPEKA, Kansas — Gov. Laura Kelly continued to push for vigilance in the fight against the coronavirus and tried to combat skepticism of the vaccine as she laid out her goals on Tuesday for 2021.

The Democratic governor used her State of the State speech to push for Medicaid expansion — a greater longshot than ever — and asked lawmakers for civility as she prepares for a legislative session where she faces an even more conservative Republican majority in the Kansas Statehouse.

Kelly mourned the more than 3,000 Kansans who have died of COVID-19. She urged people to continue to take precautions and get the vaccine.

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