Kansas women talk about economic barriers in parental leave, pay gap, more

The discussion was the latest in a series organized by United WE, a nonpartisan nonprofit whose mission is to advance all women’s economic and civic leadership.


State News

August 29, 2022 - 3:50 PM

TOPEKA — Emily Vincent strategically planned the births of her three children around her accumulation of sick leave while working for a former employer who didn’t provide parental leave.

Vincent, who now works for Johnson County government, was among 150 women who participated Wednesday in a statewide virtual town hall to talk about the economic barriers they face.

“I did try to be strategic and space out my pregnancies,” Vincent said. “I understand not everybody’s in that position, but that was something from a family planning standpoint that I took into consideration so that I could build my sick leave back up to utilize for a maternity leave for each of my pregnancies.”

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