Teacher quits, says ‘nothing left to give’

A Kansas City-area teacher with a decade of experience quit the profession because of feeling 'overworked, undervalued and constantly under attack.'


State News

December 22, 2021 - 8:57 AM

Kelly Kluthe, who has taught in public high schools in Kansas and Missouri, recently took a job at a private Catholic grade school, saying she has lost faith in public education. Courtesy photo

WICHITA, Kansas — Kelly Kluthe is one of those rock-star science teachers schools need.

She landed an innovative teaching grant at Olathe West High. She speaks at national conferences about ways to make science lessons fun. She mentored new teachers through the University of Kansas Center for STEM Learning and the UKanTeach program, where she got her start.

She’s been teaching for a decade. Loves science, kids, public education.

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