Wichita to tighten COVID restrictions

Sedgwick County reported 411 new cases on Thursday, with a positive test rate of 23.7%, more than four times as high as it was two months ago.


State News

November 24, 2020 - 10:09 AM

A university of Chicago student gets tested for COVID-19. Students who decide to travel home for Thanksgiving won't be allowed to return to residence halls until after the new year. Photo by (Youngrae Kim/Chicago Tribune/TNS)

The city of Wichita said it will work with Sedgwick County to enforce the county’s new public health order.

The order passed last week tightens restrictions on certain businesses and mass gatherings, and it requires masks in most public spaces. It also lays out possible penalties for violations, the first time the county has adopted enforcement measures.

Cities in Sedgwick County must agree to allow enforcement within their boundaries. The Wichita City Council voted 5-2 during a special meeting Thursday to consent to enforcement and sign an agreement with the county about what that enforcement would look like.

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