Students deliver anti-drug message

Humboldt Middle School students work on anti-drug campaign, including donating to food pantry, decorating doors and creating videos to promote drug awareness.



November 2, 2020 - 9:47 AM

Students at Humboldt Middle School are paying closer attention to the problems caused by drugs and alcohol, in part because of a national campaign and also because of the coronavirus, HMS counselor Darcie Croisant said.

The school celebrated Red Ribbon Week and Spirit Week last week. All classes, 6th through 8th, participated in a campaign to decorate doors. Students enjoyed the program and worked together as teams to come up with creative ways to promote drug awareness.

Students seemed to take the program more seriously this year, Croisant said. She attributed part of that to the coronavirus pandemic, because students appreciate being in school. Last spring’s closing of school buildings taught them to not take school for granted, she said, and they are more engaged in all facets of education.

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