Thief caught through Facebook


December 8, 2012 - 12:00 AM

Allen County Sheriff Tom Williams reported that a bow, quiver and arrow rest had been stolen from West Side Bait Shop on Saturday afternoon during business hours.
Williams said the items, valued at approximately $1,300, were reported stolen by owner Leonard Barnett. After an investigation, it was reported to officers that a photo of the bow had been posted on a Facebook page belonging the suspect — whom Barnett named as C.J. Spiller. The officers responded to Spiller’s residence, where the stolen bow was discovered.
Williams said Spiller conceded to the crime, under consideration of the overwhelming evidence — including the photos of Spiller at his home and the bow with its quiver resting on his couch.
Barnett said he knew when the bow had been stolen, but just needed the evidence from a “hot tip” to confirm the tip.
Williams said it is sometimes rare to have stolen items recovered so quickly. He attributed the expedited recovery to the evidence gathered off of Facebook.

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