Transgender sports bill faces pushback

Opponents against a Kansas bill to ban transgender athletes from competition spoke out this week.



March 2, 2021 - 7:58 AM

TOPEKA — Kendall Hawkins is the mother of a second-grader, works as a special-education teacher, coaches middle-school cross country and served in the Kansas Army National Guard.

She’s also a transgender woman who understands the harassment, assaults and hostility aimed at trans students by teachers and peers in schools across the state. She volunteers with GLSEN, which works to end discrimination based on gender identity and expression, and knows transgender students are scared. In the past two years, three in the Wichita area lost their lives.

The Senate Education Committee’s decision to consider Senate Bill 208, which bans transgender girls and women from participating in female sports teams from elementary school through college, could prove deadly.

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