Trump administration bans some vaping flavors


National News

January 3, 2020 - 10:04 AM

A selection of flavored vaping supplies on display in the window of a vaping store on March 24, 2018, in New York. President Donald Trump may yet place a ban on flavored vapes. (Richard B. Levine/Sipa USA/TNS)

The Trump administration announced on Thursday a temporary ban on many candy- and fruit-flavored vaping products in an effort to curb an epidemic of e-cigarette use among teens.

The decision means that manufacturers of certain vaping products in youth-friendly flavors must stop selling the products within 30 days of the ban. If they want to resume sales, they will need to convince the Food and Drug Administration that the pod flavors are safe and appropriate for the public.

But the new ban does not extend to menthol flavoring, and that represents a retreat from an earlier White House plan to bar “all flavors” other than tobacco.

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