Trump sues Michigan, Georgia, Pennsylvania

Trump’s campaign also announced that it would ask for a recount in Wisconsin, a state the AP called for Biden on Wednesday afternoon.



November 5, 2020 - 9:34 AM

Police ask election challengers to back away from the door of the TCF Center in Detroit, where absentee ballots were being counted Wednesday Nov. 4, 2020. Many Republican and Democratic monitors were allowed inside to view the count, but others were blocked from entering because of capacity constraints.

WASHINGTON (AP) — As Democrat Joe Biden inched closer to the 270 Electoral College votes needed to win the White House, President Donald Trump’s campaign put into action the legal strategy the president had signaled for weeks: attacking the integrity of the voting process in states where the result could mean his defeat.

Democrats scoffed at the legal challenges the president’s campaign filed Wednesday in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Georgia. In spite of the aggressive move, the flurry of court action did not seem obviously destined to impact the election’s outcome.

The new filings, joining existing Republican legal challenges in Pennsylvania and Nevada, demand better access for campaign observers to locations where ballots are being processed and counted, and raised absentee ballot concerns, the campaign said.

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